Las Olas Surfing for Women
Photos: Camilla Fuchs

¡Nuestra Casita es Tu Casita!

Our house is your house.

Remodeling the Las Olas Surfing for Women clubhouse, or La Casita as we affectionately call it, had long been on our to-do list. It’s a bit like taking a wave for the first time–daunting and uncertain, but surrounded by the supportive Mexican community we’d been a part of for decades, I thought, why not?

The vision of La Casita promised optimism, creativity, and beauty and with the right people, anything’s possible.

My first step was a bit whimsical. I found a small rock inscribed with UNITY. It set the tone for what followed.

Las Olas Surfing for Women

As the world hesitantly reopened to travel, our team of dedicated designers, craftsmen, and local artisans started the journey to create something extraordinary.

Las Olas Surfing for Women

The clubhouse complete with surfboards, cubbies, and privacy for our special guests.


Our decision to push forward with remodeling La Casita became a symbol of positivity and pride for us, not to mention the parade of local admirers and influencers snapping selfies on our surfboard bench.

Las Olas Surfing for Women

Right this way, your massage is waiting.


For our guests, convenience rules. Just a block from the beach, the new Casita provides place to freshen up, safely stow belongings, pick out a surfboard, attend a seminar, or enjoy a spa treatment right upstairs. Nirvanna Spa found their new home within these new walls and they embody the essence of the dedicated women who’ve supported us for many years.

It’s a safe space where stories are shared and rejuvenation begins after a day in the surf–a perfect ending to each day.

Las Olas Surfing for Women
Las Olas Surfing for Women

Scenes from Nirvanna spa.


The remodeled Las Olas clubhouse and Nirvanna spa stand as a beacon to optimism. Our journey proves what’s possible when hearts and hands unite.

See you in the waves,


Las Olas Surfing for Women
Las Olas Surfing for Women

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    Las Olas Surfing for Women