Meditation ~ Ebb & Flow

During the tides, our ocean ebbs and flows, in and out so naturally. This motion makes the waves better and defines the shoreline in so many ways. What can we learn from this ever-changing relationship between the moon and the sea?

Time: 7:03

Las Olas Surfing for Women

About the author:  As a young girl, Aynsley’s mom introduced her to yoga to help “focus her energy”. That began her life-long interest in the practice and she eventually became a gifted teacher. Since 2008, she’s been Head Surfcoach at Las Olas Surfing for Women where she’s taught yoga to both seasoned surfers and first-ever wave riders. Originally from Canada, Aynsley now lives in southern Mexico with her daughter Rosy, husband Alex, and extended family. 

Las Olas Surfing for Women

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Las Olas Surfing for Women
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    Las Olas Surfing for Women

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