Las Olas Surfing for Women
Photos by Camilla Fuchs (unless noted)

We never need a reason to surf at Las Olas, but if you ask they’re countless. We sorted through the list and picked 11 favorites.


Las Olas Surfing for Women

1. Balance is Bliss

Balancing on a board on top of a wave teaches you to balance in life. You’ll find yourself intuitively knowing how to bend with the breeze and go with the flow. Surfing stirs intuition. It helps you connect with concepts you were born knowing– like how to have fun.
Las Olas Surfing for Women
Las Olas

2. Surfing Teaches Patience

Being in the moment teaches you to pay attention and course correct to get to the most out of your ride. You’ll learn to relax and share while waiting in the line up. In a culture of instant gratitude, watching the swell with your fellow surfers gives you a chance to savor the thrill of anticipation.

Las Olas Surfing for Women
Las Olas

3. Surfing is a Healthy Addiction

Surfers are so hooked on the stoke that they instinctively take care of their bodies. They look for optimal fuel to get them through the next surf session. That’s why they order smoothies instead of coffee, water instead of wine, and look amazing!
Las Olas Surfing for Women
Adamski Peek

4. Develops Your Own Style

After learning the basics, everyone develops their unique surfing style. For example, from the beach you can spot a surf buddy just by the way they move. You’ll soon develop your own style, too.

Las Olas Surfing for Women

5. Impress Others… & Yourself

Yes, kids and boyfriends may think you’re cool because you surf. What they don’t know is that the real reason you’re larger than life is because surfing can improve your self-image. Now that’s always attractive!


6. Explore New Fashions

Surfer girls wear great clothes. All the gear, from bathing suits to surfboards, come in happy colors, not just black, white, and grey. Add a natural tan, let your hair go, and you’re officially hot!

Las Olas Surfing for Women

7. Surfing Keeps You Young

Attitude plays a big part in how you look and feel. The thrill of surfing keeps you young at heart and shines through everything you do.

8. Lose the Weight… of the World

Yes, surfing is great exercise that will drop pounds, but the weight of your thoughts can hold you down, too. Surfing helps you focus and stay in the moment. It’s like taking a long, hot shower to wash away the weight of the world.

9. You’ll Find Your Tribe

Surfing connects you to a tribe, and surf buddies last forever. It also connects you to something greater– the ocean and nature. It’s out on the water that you realize we’re all interconnected and that planet Earth is a really, really incredible place to be.

Las Olas Surfing for Women

10. Riding a wave is empowering

As women, we are instinctive caretakers, and if empowered, the whole world benefits. We each have the potential to make positive, lasting impressions around us, no matter how uncertain things may be.

Las Olas Surfing for Women

11. Reconnect with the Girl Within

Remember the little girl who loved to play all day in the sunshine? She’s out there in the lineup waiting for you to join her!

Las Olas Surfing for Women

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    Las Olas Surfing for Women