Las Olas surfers

Board meeting

Camaraderie and conversation are some of my favorite activities at Las Olas. We catch up on relationships, goals, family, and surfing, a lot of surfing. No judgement, no cell phones, and no bad days, just friendships that can last for years. Oh, and we laugh… a lot.

Meet some of the board members here.


Homemaker in Cincinnati, Oh

“I have never had this much fun in my entire life!”

Las Olas surfer
Las Olas surfer


Retired Nurse in British Columbia, Canada

“Thank you so very much for your love, caring, and wonderful support.”


Filmmaker in San Francisco, Ca

“This was my second time at Las Olas. It has just as much soul as it did 15 years ago.”

Las Olas surfer


Management Consultant in Arlington, Va

“I attended four surf camps last year with Las Olas as my first. I am so thankful I started with the best!”


Writer in San Diego, Ca

“This gift you’ve given me is priceless. I’ll carry it with me on every wave for the rest of my life!”

Las Olas surfer
Las Olas Surfers

Andrea and Kathia

Sisters from Mexico

“This changed everything!”


Realtor from Traverse City, Mi

“If you find a piece of my heart out in those waves, don’t send it to Michigan. I’ll come back and add to it eventually. Such an amazing experience!”

Las Olas surfer

Photos of Las Olas surfers by Camilla Fuchs

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