Mas Olas is More Waves

We have always delighted in introducing women to the thrill of surfing. Over the decades we’ve cheered the joy and transformation each time our guests catch their first wave. But did you know we also offer safaris for surfers who want to explore the next level on their surfing journey?

Mas Olas is more waves, a customized program for returning and advanced surfers. Developed by veteran surf coach Amanda to meet the needs of women who want more time in the water and desire bigger challenges on the waves, Mas Olas lets you polish your surf skills and advance.

Mas Olas Features

  • Small groups led by your experienced Mas Olas surf guides
  • Surf sessions based on daily wave checks and best conditions
  • Full use of Las Olas’ quiver of performance surfboards
  • Las Olas photographer tags along to get the shot of that perfect ride

The Las Olas Experience

Also included is the complete Las Olas experience:
  • Greeting and return to the airport
  • Delicious welcome and graduation dinner and cocktails, lunch on road trips, and breakfast everyday overlooking the surfbreak
  • Five nights in your amazing villa with a view to the surfbreak and beyond
  • Yoga stretches every morning and evening
  • Sports massage to loosen those paddling muscles
  • Nightly activities focused on local interests and improving your surfing knowledge

When Las Olas began in 1997, we didn’t see many female surfers in the line up, let alone any who’d travel to a small village in Mexico to surf. Well, that’s all changed and we’re happy to be a part of this quiet revolution.

So, if you’re solid with the basics and ready for more waves, Mas Olas is coming your way this season.

Reserve Your Waves

Mas Olas is limited to small groups, so space fills up early. For more information, tap the button to send us an email.

More waves
Featured surfer : Silvia Navarro   Photos by Camilla Fuchs
Las Olas Surfing for Women